TS Playground #17

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  • : 04-02-2015 |
  • : 41:52 min |
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Stunning, blonde Latina TS Bianca Cordelly's white bikini complements her gorgeous, tanned body but can't hide her fun bulges. The lovely-legged, hot-assed cutie with the thick, blow job lips winks her butthole and unleashes an uncut prick that grows from tiny to titanic in her stroking hand. Alex Vitor swallows the big, bouncy boner whole! They trade deep-throating and rim jobs. Bianca reams him deeply, her ass pumping and slamming, and Alex sucks she-cock ass-to-mouth. She cranks his legs back like he's a woman and dominantly plows his rectum. He rims and then fucks Bianca's hot butt. With his cock buried, she jacks to orgasm. Alex cleans her orally and slops his own cum on her tongue and face.

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